We are…

…a Centre dedicated to helping our clients regain psychological wellbeing. We lay emphasis on preventing greater psychological disorders and to the long-term maintenance of mental balance and integrity.

The Centre was founded in 1995 with the aim of helping and healing sufferers of temporary depression, neurosis and various psychopatic problems. Currently we have 12 professionals on board, who offer a wide variety of methods and services, such as autogenic training, symbol-therapy and psychodrama.

But what we are most proud of are the feedbacks from our clients – they not only recommend their therapists because of the high-level professional experience, but also because of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the Centre.


If you are…

… living in Hungary as a foreigner, we are open and ready to work with you in English. We understand that living in a different country and culture can be very difficult – that’s why it is important for us to do psychotherapy also for You.

… looking for a guide for an explorative journey towards a more satisfying life,

… have noticed some recurring events, relationships, patterns in your life that you wish to get rid of or have problems in your life that you can not change on your own,

… experiencing psychosomatic disorders such as chronic fatigue, joint or muscle-pain, sleeping disorders, irritable bowel, heart pain or high blood pressure, migraines or tonic headaches, asthma, etc. that can not be explained or cured through medical practice,

… suffering from longstanding or recent mental problems, such as anxiety, phobias, lack of self confidence or positive self-esteem, inhibitions, problems in relationships, eating disorders, frequent unwellness e.g. dizziness, palpitation, choking etc., challenges of sexual libido or performance, grief and loss, etc.

… then we recommend to ask for the neutral and supporting help of our therapists, which could spare you great amounts of excess stress, wasted energies and time.

You can get to know them below, under the section The Team.


What we can do

Psychotherapy helps to recognise and accept the underlying causes of psychological and somatic problems. During the course of treatment the therapist aims to empower the patient to take responsibility for what happens in their life and find their own personal way to making it better. It can assist in solving everyday problems just as well as long standing issues. We believe that not all problems need medication, healing can be achieved with psychological methods as well.

Psychotherapy is a series of 50 minute meetings that can take from a few (10-15) sessions to several (12-36) months depending on the seriousness and type of the problem. This is a joint decision based on the recommendation of the therapist and the final word of the patient.

Psychotherapy employs a range of techniques such as hypnosis, relaxation, psychodrama and group therapy that are designed to facilitate understanding and healing of the patient.


What you can do

Make an appointment and see for yourself, whether this kind of treatment fits you and your current questions.

You can do this by writing an e-mail to mentalkozpont@mentalkozpont.hu in English Your email will be answered within 3 working days.

In your note please include just a few words about the reason of your query. You can also include a preference for a therapist or a timeframe for the meetings. We will try to accomodate your requests as much as possible.


We are open Monday to Friday 8 am-8 pm.

We are here: 1115 Budapest, Tétényi út 18.

Budapest public transport: get on 7, 58, 114, 213, 214, 153 buses – and take off at the stop Szent Imre kórház or you can catch Metro4 and get off at Bikás Park.

By car: GPS coordinates: 47°28'3";19°,2',5" . You can surely find a free parking spot within 50 m of the entrance.


Fees of the sessions:

Individual counselling (50 mins)                                 12.000 HUF

Students discount for counselling (50 mins)                10.000 HUF

Couples counselling (with two therapists) (90 mins)     29.000 HUF

In our Centre you can pay only with cash. Thank you for your understanding. 


The Team

Anna Linda Szirmai, psychologist

I do believe that Home is where the heart is - however finding out where our heart lies, what it desires, how it works,... takes more work than one would think at first. Especially if the culture and language around is not the one we were born into. No matter how far we go, we carry our backpacks with us - but if we open it up and face all the legends and secrets inside, we can actually let go of them and continue our journey as a free man.

I have spent almost 6 years at a multinational company, developing employees who arrived from all over the world - and I have seen how different and how similar their questions are at the same time to that of people who were born here. I am a trained in Client-focused therapy, Psychodrama and Fairy&Folk Tale Therapy - all of which I use in my work as a therapist. Besides being a therapist, I am currently completing my PhD studies where I research the healing potential of movement and dance - so we focus on the body, its language and symptoms as well during our sessions..

My belief is that throughout life we all are seeking our best selves - and it takes bravery to ask for help, when the road gets more bumpy than what one can handle alone. But if we take that leap of faith and turn to someone else, we can receive a shoulder to lean on, a clearing sight and a companion for the difficult parts of the road. At least it is my goal and dedication to offer these to anyone turning to me.

Consulting hours: Wednesday 8-20



Ákos Fonyódi, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and relaxation trainer

I support my clients in their personal needs and growth using scientifically proved classical as well as latest methods of Psychology and psychotherapy. Beside my job I study futher in the field of psychotherapy in Austria.

Anyone can feel stuck or obstructed at certain stages of their life when some aid comes handy. I take on personalized assistance in times of such uncertainty regardless of age, sex, religious views, ethinc belonging.

During the sessions I aim at developing a relationship based on trust and understanding, upon which we can both understand how your difficulties entered your life and how they are being sustained. Having set the goals of the therapy together, we strive to reach a gradual but very clear and positive change in your life.

Psychotherapy is not merely a job for me. This is my vocation. I focus on showing you simple yet effective methods that can easily and flexibly be applied on a day-to-day basis in order to reach your goals and to improve the quality of your life.

I support my clients in developing their own strengths and knowing their way about their thoughts, desires and emotions. These are key elements of finding your psychological completeness and inner peace.

I guarantee professional objectiveness, discretion, commitment and cooperation, whereas I am totally focused on the objectives we set together. The desire and commitment to develop one’s self supplemented by an appropriate specialist always starts a positive, self-inducing process the effects of which last long and can be felt soon.

My goal is to provide versatile, useful and personalized help to people willing to face their personal issues, and to promote their personal development as much as possible. My experience suggests that holistic therapies approaching questions from different angles are more useful than those rigidly following one psychological theory as an answer to everything and everyone.

I implement methods mainly based on psychoanalytical, person-centered, and behavioral approaches, whereas elements of relaxation, psychodrama, family constellation therapy, and mindfulness are also included. During our sessions we can choose from a wide range of approaches to find the most appropriate ones that help you reach your goals  and have a positive effect on the quality of your life.

I support my clients in German as well.

Consulting hours : Monday 8-14, Friday 14-20


Barnabás Király, clinical psychologist, trainer

The way how we live our lives is wonderfully creative. We are continuously trying to find the best way of enjoying ourselves and feeling fulfilled in our work, in our relationships and in our microenvironment, while we are also continuing to monitor and adapt to them. To reach our goals, we make decisions, even if we are unconscious about it.

There are some decisions we make during the process. How close do I let myself to others? What is really important for me and what I'm willing to do?

And there are decisions that will be made for a long time. Should I keep going in my relationship? Do I let myself be paralyzed by a problem?

We need time and experience to make a new and different decision as before. My goal is to help in this process.

During the counseling or the psychotherapy we deal with the past, the present and the future. It is important to know what happened, because we base our present choices and solutions on our previous decisions and experiences. It is important what is happening now, because we live in this moment, which brings us joy or sorrow. And it is important what we are planning in the future, as this is how we purposefully move towards a better and fulfilling life. By understanding the cause, we can clarify our present and plan the goals where we are heading.

As a psychologist, I believe that the therapeutic relationship has a healing effect, because our major injuries were caused in relationships, so they can be recovered in a relationship, too. I believe that the open attention towards the other helps to organize and clarify your thoughts, feelings and find the inner resources to take the decisions which are needed to change. It is important for me to support my clients in a well-established communication with themselves both on physical, mental and emotional level.

While I was living abroad for a longer time I met a bunch of people from other countries and I experienced that they had similar problems to Hungarians, but with different emphasis. So, it doesn’t matter from which part of the World you are: anxiety, sadness, relationship and work-related problems, homesickness have similar patterns.

I'm waiting for everybody who wants to understand better their own (inner) behavior, and through this, they would like to change and develop their human relationships, while they are reaching a more harmonious life and better-functioning self.


I work in an integrative-dynamic approach, in which the mind-body sensation unity and harmonious operation are placed in the center. I highly take care of the therapeutic relationship, and I also use imaginative, dramatic techniques and focusing.

Consulting hours: Tuesday 8-14, Thursday 14-20, Friday 8-14

Katinka Kertész, psychologist

People say that traveling the world can be an extraordinary experience - I believe traveling our inner world is just as an exciting, complex and beautiful journey. Understanding our own feelings, roles, symptoms, interests, relationships with the help of others can widen our perspective and can help to overcome crises, hurt feelings and obstructions. I believe problems are born in relationships - and can thus be cured in a different kind of relationship, such as a therapeutic one. The safe, empathetic and accepting environment during the sessions is essential in my eyes. 

 I have received my Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology in Budapest. I have been trained in psychodynamic methods and TFP (transference-based psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder).
Clients usually come to me with anxiety and depressive feelings, relationship difficulties, problems in the workplace or at university, sexual concerns, gender issues, traumatic memories, identity problems, life transitions or a desire for personal growth.
Sometimes choosing a new country of residence is a decision freely made, other times it is the result of events not under one's control. Either way, coping with life in a different culture can come with unexpected difficulties, making one feel confused and lost. The help of a psychologist can mean a lot in a situation like this, easing the pressure and aiding the person to adjust to their new home.

Another difficulty can be when people of different nationalities form a couple. This can lead to a certain amount of tension in the relationship, since the differring cultural backgrounds may cause difficulties in unusual ways. I believe that such a mixture of cultures can be extremely valuable for personal growth, but it can also mean the emergence of unforeseen conflicts. Couple therapy can be very helpful in helping to understand and accept differences, breaking the cycle of conflict, finding an easier way of expressing emotions and communicating in a more open manner.I work in individual setting as well as with couples or families.

Consultation hours: Tuesday 14-20, Friday 8-14, 17-21

Zsófi Csákvári, clinical psychologist, trainer, integrative hypnotherapist

I am fascinated by the human soul and believe that psychological support unlocks the key to change and helps us to heal ourselves.

I spent a year traveling overseas and therefore I understand that living far away from home can have an impact on one's emotional state, even when those experiences are full of adventure. The experience of living abroad contributes significantly to the development of our sense of self but at the same time it can be overwhelming, triggering, and even highlight what in fact we may be running from. I believe that travel is not only a journey in space but also a journey into our spirit.

I am a Clinical Psychologist and an Integrative Hypnotherapist. My therapeutic approach is a dynamic process and I work with imagery techniques using the symbolic language of the subconscious.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are experiencing any emotional hardships, anxiety symptoms, relationship difficulties, or if you’d simply like to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Consulting hours: Monday 14-20, Tuesday 14-20, Thursday 9-14


Dávid Czikora, psychologist

I graduated from Eötvös Loránd University as a psychologist. Now I am a family- and couple therapist and clinical psychologist trainee and I also participate in the Hungarian Psychoanalytical Association’s training program. Previously I was employed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Now I work in the governmental sector - in the child protection system; and in the private sector. In my work I consider the relationship between the patients and the therapist to be one of the most important therapeutic factor in a treatment. My goal during my work is to build confidence with the clients. I aim to create an atmosphere in which deep and hard feeling can be discussed.

In the Centre I work with Katinka Kertész as a couple and family therapist. We work with people who have difficulties in their intimate relationships or who face the difficulties of raising children. We always looking for an individual solution for every couple and family which is the best for their specific problem. Family therapy is a systematic therapy which means that we focus on the interactions between family members, rather than on the individual problems, which is proven to be more effective in difficulties affecting the whole family. We have experience in treating foreign couples.

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